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Vision Clarity

time listening to you, and brainstorming with you, is essential for us to equip you with a brand that will tell your story


our GOALS:

+   Understand the vision and goals for the future of NuMet
+   Become super clear on who each program serves best + create a "Your People" Persona Board
+   Hone in a unique brand style and capture on a "Your Brand" Vision Board
+   Craft a branding & marketing gameplan to accomplish your vision
+   Give you a taste of what it's like to work with us so you feel 150% confident should you decide to partner with us


What you invest

Time 90 minutes, talk time
Money $350 (+ your coffee expenses, naturally)
Trust Sharing your your biggest dreams with us is not something we take lightly!


What you get

2   45 minute virtual coffee dates

+   "Your Brand" Vision Board
+   "Your People" Persona Board
+   Game Plan Outline (the plan we put into action in step 02)



what to expect next

Brand Foundation


What you invest

Once we've gone through Vision Clarity together and we come out with a gameplan for your project, we will be able to create a custom proposal for you. But we know you need to have an idea of what the investment will be, so here's a ballpark idea of our typical project:

Time 2 months
Money $4500 (50% to book the time on our cal; 50% half way through the project)
Trust This is your baby; we'll take care of it like it's our own.


What you get

Again, here's a typical branding project:

+   Brand Identity Design – Logo, Mark(s), Color Palette, Brand Fonts, Supporting Design Elements
+   Collateral Design – Business Cards, Letterhead, E-book Design, Merch Design
+   Social Strategy + Content Kit – Design Templates, Content Calendar, Social Marketing Plan
+   Landing Page – One-page Website to have a presence online (& start collecting your audience's email adresses!) before your full website is complete



Website Design


What you invest

Same story as above; here's a ballpark idea of our typical project:

Time – 3 months
Money – $3500 (50% to book the time on our cal; 50% half way through the project)
Trust – Always. And we feel so honored to earn it.

What you get

+   Website Set-up – We use Squarespace and Shopify, depending on your needs. 
+   Content Strategy – Prompts and brainstorming to help you write your website copy.
+   6 Custom Page Designs – Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Blog, Contact. (examples)







Creative Director and Founder;
Inspiration addict;
Recovering perfectionist.


Fueled by coffee & tacos; 
Insta obsessed; 
Loves providing strategies to help brands get noticed online.




Full time designer, story teller, website developer; 
Part time world-traveling-inspiration-collector, pinterest board organizer.



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