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Vision Clarity

time listening to you, and brainstorming with you, is essential for us to equip you with a brand that will tell your story


our GOALS:

+   Understand the vision and goals for the future of your companies
+   Become super clear on who you serve best + create a "Your People" Vision Board
+   Hone in a unique brand style and capture on a "Your Brand" Vision Board
+   Craft a brand partnership plan to accomplish your vision
+   Give you a chance to work with us on a small scale before the main course of branding + website design


We've created a custom Vision Clarity Consulting Package for you! Here are the deets:

What you invest

Time Prep time + talk time
Money $850 (+ your cocktail/coffee expenses, naturally)
Trust Sharing your your biggest dreams with us is not something we take lightly!

What you get

4   60 minute virtual meetings

+   "Your People" Vision Boards
+   "Your Brand" Vision Boards
+   Partnership Plan & Proposal



Session 00;
Your Vision

Main Goal: Understand the high level view of all three brands and the vision for how they work together


Session 01;
Your Promise

Main Goal: Go deeper into all three brands, one at a time. Understand the promise each brand is making to it's "people".

Session 02;
Your People

Main Goal: Get to know the people that will benefit most from being your customer – people that you really value, and who really value you. (For each brand)

Session 03;
Your Brand

Main Goal: Understand the brand identity you want to create for each brand – and how each should make your people feel when they experience the brands.


Before each session, we'll send you prompts to answer and send back to us to review.

We'll then discuss in detail on our call!



Meet your team 👋🏼

During Vision Clarity, you'll be chatting with Jordan + Sarah!
Branding + Marketing are our bread + butter and we are pumped that we get to use our super powers to bring your vision to life!





Creative Director and Founder;
Inspiration addict;
Recovering perfectionist.


Love language includes
Strategy & Web Design;
Fueled by coffee & tacos; 
Insta obsessed.


Aside from new client inquiries, these Vision Clarity Session emails are my absolute favorite inbox alert. Working with TBB is better than I could have ever imagined!


Brand Design

Once we've gone through Vision Clarity together and we come out with a plan for our partnership, we will create a custom proposal for you. But we know you need to have an idea of what to expect, so here's a ballpark idea of our typical project.


What you invest

Time 2 months
Money $2,800 (50% to book the time on our cal; 50% half way through the project)
Trust This is your baby; we'll take care of it like it's our own.


What you get

+   Main Logo, Secondary Mark/Monogram, Color Palette, Brand Fonts, Supporting Design Elements

+   A full Brand Guide with links to download your final files + sources files anytime you need them, wherever you are!



Website Design

Same story as above; here's a ballpark idea of our typical project:


What you invest

Time – 3 months
Money – $3,600 (50% to book the time on our cal; 50% half way through the project)
Trust – Always. And we feel so honored to earn it.

What you get

+   Website Set-up – We use Squarespace and Shopify, depending on your needs. 
+   Content Strategy – Prompts and brainstorming to help you write your website copy.
+   6 Custom Page Designs – Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Blog, Contact. (examples)



We've got you!
Here are just a few other ways we can be your branding + marketing partner.

+   Collateral Design – Business Cards, Letterhead, E-book Design, Merch Design
+   Social Strategy + Content Kit – Design Templates, Content Calendar, Social Marketing Plan
+   Landing Page – One-page Website to have a presence online (& start collecting your audience's email adresses!) before your full website is complete



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