The Ice Box


Suzanah Raffield
Rhonda Stringfellow Ryan

Design Team

Jordan Brantley
Laura Botu


Start Date: March 01, 2016
Mid-launch Date: April 06, 2016 (identity, build out + landing page)
Launch Date: TBD (full website)

Your Brand | Inspiration Board

Palm Springs, mid-century, color blocked, thick/bold lines, clean, fresh.

classic / edgy


Your People | Inspiration Board

Blake Brunson


Buys one box for “now” and one for “later” - knowing that “celebration is coming“

  • Stays at Shelter Social Club
  • Buys their glasses from Warby Parker
  • Reads Edible magazine
  • Concerned about nutrition and buying local and fresh
  • Hard workers who maybe aren't painting the town in NYC
  • Enjoy honest and quality products
  • Concerned with keeping additives and scary things out of their food and beverages
  • Have been looking forward to House of Cards being released all day long and want to have a drink at home on the couch

Brand Identity

Logotype & tagline


Color Palette




Mock Up 

Example of the logo "in the wild"


"top" design


Box Mockup