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the Test Kitchen

Taking orders for a strong brand, heavy on the flavor, minus the overwhelm.


How It Works–

We don’t think hiring us for a fully custom brand is the right first step for your new venture. Getting started is scary enough without the weight of investing in a custom brand before you know your idea will become. BUT, starting with strong brand gives you the courage you need to spread the word to the right people and give your idea a real shot. You need a brand that gives you a strong starting point that can grow with you. That is what you’ve found at The Test Kitchen – which brought you here!


+ How Do I Know What Service is Right for Me?

Great question! We believe the Test Kitchen is for businesses who are just starting out and want a strong brand presence. If you've been in business for a while, we'd love to craft a fully custom new brand and website experience for you. That would take place in our custom orders.

+ Why Is It Called The Test Kitchen?

Like many restaurants or culinary schools, the Test Kitchen is where chefs brew up new ideas before they add them to the menu. That was our premise behind kicking off our shop. With full transparency, we want to make sure our shop fulfills their needs, so, we're testing this new concept. If it sticks, we'll be releasing new flavors on a rolling 4-month basis!

+ What's Included in a Brand Mix?

In each brand mix you'll find a curated selection of 2 font pairings that work for your logo and any materials you'll create! You'll also receive a very detailed brand book that walks you through color palettes, an imagery guide, and fun little extras. ;)

+ How Do I Edit A Brand Mix?

We built our Brand Mixes in Adobe Illustrator. After purchase, you'll download a trial to edit the files on your own. The trial is completely free to download to make your initial edits! If you need more help, we're happy to customize your brand for you - just check the a la carte items in the shop!

+ What's Included in a Digital Mix?

Similar to the brand mix, your digital mix will include fully designed files that have your selected brand flavor in mind. Once you download the free trial of Adobe Illustrator, you'll be able to update any text or colors to fit your business.

+ What's Included in a Website Mix?

With a website template purchase, you'll receive a built-for-you Squarespace template! We took the most versitle template base, Brine, added a dash of custom code and fully customized your site styles. Once we transfer the site ownership to you, you have the ability to keep our account on board, or remove. Note: if you remove our permission, we will not have access in case you want to purchase any add-on's in the future.

+ How Do I Access A Test Kitchen Demo Website?

When you find a flavor you love, click the "Sample the Site" button right before the add to cart/purchase button. If the demo link does not work, enter the password, "tk(name of flavor)" to enter the site.

+ How Do I Access my Website?

After your purchase your website template, we'll get to work and design your site just like the demo! Within 2 weeks, we'll send an email with a link to your website and transfer full permissions. You'll also get detailed tutorials on how to update your content – but the design will be completely finished! (Of course, you're welcome – encouraged even – to customize further.)

+ What If I Need More Help?

We're here for you ALWAYS. If you're struggling with any of the above, would rather hand everything off to us to set it up for you, that's TOTALLY fine. The Top-Shelf Bundle purchase might be your best option, but if you've already purchased items separately, head over to the a la carte page and select what you need help with the most.