Flavor Blend – Top-Shelf Package

Flavor Blend – Top-Shelf Package


Shake things up and mix one brand flavor with a different website template to create your own unique package.

Select one brand mix and one website template below. We’ll whip up the rest.

*The brand print and digital mix will be the same flavor and the website template will be customized to match.

Brand Mix Flavor:
Website Mix Flavor:
Put It On My Tab

How This Works

When you purchase the Top Shelf Blend Package, you’ll get the Brand Mix, Print, Digital and Website Mixes! Plus, you’ll save money and time; we’ll update the Brand Mix files and export them for you.

Post purchase, we’ll personalize your logo with your business name and send you your new Brand, Print and Digital Mix files within 48 hours. We’ll guide you through each step of personalizing your new on-brand digital marketing graphics and print collateral!

Then, we’ll set up your new website (Squarespace template injected with lots of flavor – and a dash of custom code) just like the sample site, then transfer ownership to you in 2 weeks. During that time, we’ll also guide you through updating the images and text to fit your business. (All the images use are licensed for you use for free if you’d like!) Cherry on top: You'll get a 6 month trail of Squarespace, and 20% off your first year once you launch!