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Strong Brands Served Here

If our Brand Partnership is the main course,
Strategy is cocktail hour.


Brand Strategy

time listening to you, and brainstorming with you, is essential for us to equip you with a brand that will tell your story


our GOALS for brand strategy:

+   Understand the vision and goals for the future of your company and brand
+   Become super clear on who you serve best + create a profile for Your People
+   Hone  a unique brand style and create a guide for Your Brand with a Vision Board
+   Craft a brand identity project plan to accomplish your vision
+   Give you a chance to work with us on a small scale before the main course of branding + website design


What you invest

+  120 minutes meeting virtually (or IRL if you're in SF)
+  Time filling out the workbooks and thinking deeply about your brand

$400 (+ your cocktail/coffee expenses, naturally)

Sharing your your biggest dreams with us is not something we take lightly!


What you get

2   1-hour Virtual Meetings

3  Value-packed Workbooks

+   Your People Profile(s)
+   Your Brand Vision Board

+   Custom Brand Identity Project Proposal
+   Project Timeline and Next Steps



Your Business + Your People

After you book Brand Clarity, we'll send you workbooks with prompts to get you thinking about your business in ways you may not have before. During our first session, we'll talk through these prompts to help you dig deeper into what makes your business stand out + whose lives will be changed by doing business with you.



Your Brand + Your Plan

After Sesh 01, we'll ask you to send us a few images that represent the vibe you want for your brand. (These images will be the start of Your Brand Vision Board) During our second session, we'll talk through your vision for your brand identity, brainstorm ideas together, revisit your brand wishlist and make a game plan for accomplishing your goals!


If you're interested in going through Brand Strategy for your business, but you're not quite ready to invest in a full partnership - shoot us an email and let us know. There maaaay be something brewing just for you.

NOTE: Brand Strategy is currently set up specifically for entrepreneurs ready to work with us in a Brand Partnership sometime in the near-ish future. If you haven't already, go back and fill out the form to unlock the secret Sample Proposal page. We want to make sure you have all of the info you need to make the best decision for your business, before we dive in to Brand Strategy.


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