Growing Your Email List and Brand Experience with a Custom Quiz

At The Business Bar, we’re firm believers that your digital brand should be an experience. Similar to how you’d feel when you walk into your favorite store, coffee shop or restaurant, you want to touch, feel and smell everything about that place.

Of course, with a digital brand, website or social media accounts, you’re much more limited in those areas. That’s why our products at The Business Bar are focused and named based on the key lost senses – the flavor (taste) & smell.

When you step into the Test Kitchen we want our potential customers to interact with our brand as much as they can, to guide them in the decision making process. When we found out about Interact – a custom quiz builder and utilized it for a client’s website, we knew we had to implement it on our shop!


The Interact Quiz platform is a user-friendly experience that allows you to build a custom quiz to help your customer uncover a personality or product when working or shopping with your brand.

If you’re big on quick takeaways like we are, you’ll love this:

3 Reasons You Should Integrate a Quiz into Your Website

It adds an interactive experience to your brand.

For The Business Bar, we created a custom Flavor Finding Quiz that helps our customers identify with the best semi-custom brand flavor that speaks to their audience. Not only does this help narrow down their shopping experience, but it also gives us another touch point with targeted questions that we can capture data on and use for our email list down the road. More data, more content! ;)

A quiz will keep a customer on your site longer.

When your customers land on your website, if they don’t have clear call-to-actions or didn’t land on a page with a specific purpose, i.e. to read a blog, you’ll retain them for about 5 seconds before they skim and exit. With a quiz pop-up or call-to-action, your guest will want to know how they can be best served with your product or service and even if they don’t book, will really want to know the results – just think about the buzz that Buzzfeed quizzes generated!

Collect data and an email that’s way more fun than a subscribe pop-up.

It’s no secret that the key to building your email list is giving users content that they NEED along with helping them grow closer to your brand or business. The Interact Quiz platform is the perfect way to learn information about your customers, because not only will you see results, you can also get as detailed as connecting each question to a tag or segment on your email marketing platform, like Mailchimp.

With all the marketing tools and lead generation techniques out there, we felt that Interact provided the most user-friendly experience to build and launch a quiz to capture website visitor information and grow our email list!


If you’re ready to implement an interactive quiz experience on your website or blog – you’re definitely going to want to try Interact. If you want to see our Flavor Finding quiz in action, head here!



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