Meet your team


We do things a little differently around here! Everyone on the team is a contractor which means they get to decide which projects they work on. This is awesome for you because you can be certain your team is stoked to work with you and they love what you're doing, which means they'll do a great job.

We build a team around you! When you contact The Business Bar, you'll set up a meeting with Jordan, the owner of TBB. After getting to know you and your business, she will hand pick the team that will serve you best! If those team members feel like they are a good fit for the job, we'll get your project on the books!



Jordan Brantley

Vision clarity consultant,
art director, inspiration addict.


When I started this business in 2014, my dream was to partner with passionate entrepreneurs to help them build a brand that they were proud of. Today, my dream is coming true as I work with my team of talented creatives to make your dreams happen.


Danny Cary

design power house,
loves to hate bad fonts, 


Interested in joining the team?

We're always looking for talented creatives who love empowering small businesses through good design as much as we do. 
If you think you'd be the perfect addition to the team – email us and we'll chat!